How It Works

From Start to Finish

1. Engage & Commit

After we receive your request, we'll provide you with a consultation that includes a digital layout, detailed description, and quote for your rig build. 


2. Recieve

We place the order for the materials for your build, to include the pedalboard, case, and accessories. You ship your pedals to us for assembly.

3.  Build

Our team assembles the rig to your specifications, including any junction boxes, buffers, etc.

Average Build Times:

Switching Systems: 1 week

Non-Switching Systems: 3 - 5 days

4. Deliver

Upon completion, you're notified and the rig is shipped back to you. 

We Meet
Your Needs

Our services are of the highest quality and completely customized to each client. We'll ensure you have the cleanest, most reliable rig possible that will allow you to focus on creating your art.