Pedalboard Maintenance Tip - 11.18.2020

Use electrical tape to tape off the 9 volt battery leads in your pedals! This ensures that there won’t be accidental electrical short if the battery clip were to come into contact with the PCB board in your pedal. ⠀

Make sure your pedals are secured to your pedalboard! Most people use standard velcro to attach their pedals to their pedalboards.

Velcro isn’t a bad option, but it isn’t that strong. We recommend using 3M Dual Lock - it’s much stronger than standard hook & loop velcro. ⠀

Keep your pedals clean! It’s very easy for dirt, dust, or even pet hair to find its way onto your pedalboard. Using a dry paintbrush to brush away any dirt or dust can keep your pedals looking clean and usually won’t disturb the knobs on your pedals.⠀

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