Pedalboard Maintenance Tip - 12.03.2020

Every serious guitarist with a pedalboard should have a pedalboard toolkit - to be able to fix problems on the fly. Every pedalboard toolkit should have these very important tools…⠀

Cable Tester: We recommend the True Tone 1SPOT Current Reader/Cable Tester. This handy device is capable of testing the connection of your 1/4” cables, and can also gives you an accurate real-time current (milliamps) reading of your pedals.

Electronic Contact Cleaner: We recommend DeoxIT D5. This is the best contact cleaner on the market for your input/output jacks and DC jacks. Spray a small amount into the jack and use a corresponding cable to work the contact cleaner in by plugging and unplugging the jack.⠀

Spare Cables: It’s always best to keep spare instrument cables and patch cables on hand, in case a cable randomly goes bad. It happens, and having spare cables in your toolkit can be a life saver, especially during a live gig. The same goes for power cables - keep extra power cables or wall warts on hand, for when Murphy decides to strike.

Upholstery Crow Bar: A plastic crowbar, this is important for removing pedals from your pedalboard without damaging the paint or silkscreen. This is especially important for those using 3M Dual Lock to secure their pedals to their pedalboard. Standard Velcro is a lot easier to remove.⠀

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