Pedalboard Maintenance Tip - 12.10.2020

Determining the size of the pedalboard you’ll need for a pedalboard can be a challenge to some. It’s important to consider everything when planning a pedalboard because it’s very easy to overlook simple things. ⠀

When determining your pedalboard layout, plug a power cable into each pedal for spacing purposes. This allows you to consider the amount of space needed for each pedal to prevent potential damage to your power cables.

The same applies to audio cables. Plug the audio cables you intend to use - or cable connectors if soldering your own cables - into each pedal’s input and output jack to ensure you have the spacing correct. Misjudging the space needed for all of your pedals can be a major setback in building your pedalboard.⠀

Layout all of your pedals in your preferred layout, with all DC power cables and audio cables (or connectors) plugged in, and outline the layout with painter’s tape or masking tape. This will give you a rough, but close, estimate of how big the pedalboard needs to be. ⠀

This may be self-explanatory, but when measuring, make sure you buy a pedalboard that is equal to or larger to the size you need. I’ve seen many smaller pedalboards crammed with pedals that are hanging off the sides of the pedalboard because it’s not big enough.

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