Pedalboard Maintenance Tip - 12.17.2020

Pedalboard Planning!

Have a plan! What does your pedalboard need to do for you? What capabilities does it need to have? Most guitarists enjoy being able to easily swap pedals out, and having a pedalboard that’s the right size - not too big, but not too small to cause crowding. For most, like myself, the pedalboard may need have a clean aesthetic.

What style of pedalboard do you want.- angled or flat? Each style has its own benefits and limitations. What’s the ideal size of the pedalboard? A larger, more complex board may be ideal for home use, but a smaller, simpler board may be better suited for the gigging musician.

What type of power supply do you need? Avoid daisy chains and “wall warts” whenever possible! Use isolated power supplies! Make sure to pay attention to voltage, current, and polarity requirements for each of your pedals. We cover the different power supplies and our recommendations in an earlier post…

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