Pedalboard Tip - 01.08.2020

To avoid a delay effect becoming too muddy or washing out the notes you’re playing, turn down your MIX knob. This may seem like common sense, but many guitarists have difficulties with achieving a delay sound that they’re happy with.

Turn the MIX knob down and find that sweet spot for what you’re playing. Having the MIX knob set too high can easily wash out your sound and become a wall of sound. ⠀

Consequently, with overdrive pedals, don’t limit the bandwidth of the pedal by cranking the GAIN knob and lowering the VOLUME knob. You’ll get the most out of the pedal by turning the GAIN knob down and cranking the VOLUME knob, and allowing it to push a [presumably] dirty amplifier.

If you’re having a hard time finding delay and overdrive settings that work well for you, try these tips at home and experiment with them to find a setting that you may not have tried or may not have given a chance.

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