#tuesdaytip - 01.05.2020

Tips for a quieter pedalboard!

Switch-Mode power supplies offer zero noise and behaves well with having pedals nearby, as there is no electromagnetic field to cause noise in your signal. Older, linear power supplies have an active electromagnetic field that causes noise when pedals are close to it. ⠀

The most isolated power option for pedals is an old school 9V battery - but it can become pretty inconvenient to have to tear up your pedalboard in order to change a dead battery. Good news! 9V battery power supplies exist, where they look, work, and connect like an ordinary isolated power supply, but under the hood are individual 9V batteries that power the individual pedals connected to it.

Soldered cables!!! Let me say it again… SOLDERED CABLES! There are some great solderless cable kits on the market, but a soldered connection is more robust and offers a gastight connection that is less prone to damage or failure, as opposed to solder less cables. Soldered cables also have better shielding and insulators that keep noise low.

When routing cables on a pedalboard, audio cables and DC power cables can be run in parallel with little to no noise interference. However, when routing AC power cables (i.e., AC power cables hardwired into vintage effect pedals), always run the AC power cable and audio cables perpendicular to each other.

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