#tuesdaytip - 02.23.2020

Overdrive Pedals - What are the different types to choose from?

Overdrive is arguably one of the most popular effects. 99% of pedalboards have, at least, 2 or more overdrives. Who can argue against that? You NEED an overdrive… But what types of overdrive are out there?

The first type of overdrive is hard-clipping, the “Overdrive 250” type, popular from the ‘70s - like the MXR Distortion+ or Spiral FX Yellow. These overdrives utilize the diodes at the end of the circuit, clipping the entirety of the signal. They’re not known to be as smooth as other drives.

The second type of overdrive is the hard-clipping, “Centaur” type - like the Ceriatone Centura or Way Huge Conspiracy Theory. The circuit of this type of drive allows you to maintain your clean signal while engaged. In order for the diodes to influence the signal, the GAIN needs to be turned up at 75% or higher.

The third type of overdrive is the soft-clipping, “Tube Screamer” type - like the Fulltone Full Drive or EHX East River Drive. This type of overdrive is not transparent and has a noticeable mid-boost, which allows your guitar to cut through a mix.

The fourth type of overdrive is the soft-clipping, “Bluesbreaker” type - like the Analogman King of Tone or JHS Pedals Morning Glory. This style is more transparent, meaning it sounds just like your guitar plugged directly into an amp, but more saturated.

🔻Overdrives we recommend:

🔹Fulltone OCD

🔹J.Rockett Archer [ikon]

🔹Earthquaker Devices Plumes

🔹Snouse Black Box 2

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