#tuesdaytip - 03.23.2020

Powering Your Pedals - How do you do it the right way?

It’s VERY important to make sure you’re properly powering your pedals. Not doing so can result in damaging your pedals. Regardless of how you power your pedals (wall wart, batteries or isolated power supply), make sure you’re providing the pedal with its required voltage, current, and polarity.

Voltage: 9V power is the most common among pedals. However, other pedals exist that require more voltage. It’s VERY important to only provide the pedal with its required voltage. In some cases, a pedal may require 9V power, but will internally change it to 18V, which can provide more headroom and color the tone in a different way. Not following this rule will certainly damage your pedals.

Current: Also referred to as “amperage.” This is measured in milliamps (mA). Every pedal has a required current, in mA, in order to function properly. You must make sure that you provide the pedal with a current rating that MEETS or EXCEEDS its required current. For example, if a pedal requires 9V 100mA, it can be powered by a power supply providing 9V 300mA.

Polarity: The most common polarity among pedals require a center-negative (-) polarity, and should only be powered by a power supply with a matching polarity. If you use a center-positive (+) power supply with a center negative (-) pedal, it could cause serious damage to the pedal. Every power supply and wall wart will show the polarity used by that particular power supply.⁠

It’s also important to make the switch (if you haven’t already) to an isolated power supply. When pedals share the same power output, it can cause unwanted noise and signal interference. This typically occurs when pedals are “daisy-chained.” Using an isolated power supply can help to quell any noise or interference, and ensure that your pedals are getting their required power!

🔻Power supplies we recommend:

🔹Strymon Zuma / Ojai

🔹Truetone CS6 / CS7 / CS12

🔹Walrus Audio Phoenix / Aetos


🔹Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ / 3/ 3+

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