#tuesdaytip - 11.24.2020

We’re going to talk about instrument cables and why choosing the right one is important.

It’s important to properly invest in quality instrument cables. Using the cheap $10 cable, as opposed to the $50 Mogami cable, can make a huge difference. Every cable has a varied affect on your tone, so it’s important to choose the right one.⠀⠀

The most important cable in to invest in is the cable that connects your guitar’s input jack to your pedalboard. This is because there is no buffering taking place in this connection (unless you have active pickups). Once your signal is seen, ideally, by a pedalboard buffer, your signal should remain intact through your pedalboard.⠀

Additionally, you want to use high quality patch cables throughout your pedalboard to ensure your signal remains intact from start to finish.

Instrument Cables we recommend:

  • Mogami 2524⠀

  • Fishman Asterope ⠀

  • Lava Cable Soar⠀

  • Bullet Cable Thunder

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