#tuesdaytip - 12.15.2020

We’re going to talk about pedal power sharing.

*This does not involve daisy-chaining* - We do NOT recommend using daisy chains whenever possible.⠀

It is possible for two or three pedals to share one output on a power supply, as long as the milliamp (mA) requirement for each pedal does not exceed the mA output of the output you use on the power supply.⠀

If you are going to share power between pedals, it is important to only use analog distortion, overdrive, and/or compressor pedals. It is NOT advisable to share power between digital pedals or share power between analog and digital pedals. Doing this can create unwanted noise in your signal.⠀

In order to do this effectively, you can create a Y-cable using two power cables. Cut away one end of each cable, fuse them together, and solder them into one DC power connector to be plugged into the output on the power supply. The other ends of the power cables will route to the individual pedals.

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