Your Very First Pedalboard - How should you approach it?⁠

Updated: Aug 7

It’s important to keep it basic. When building your first pedalboard, you ought to have one of every everything - modulation, delay, reverb, overdrive. It offers you options, but allows you to discover the sound you want over time.

Our recommendations… Start with a tuner pedal. I personally think it’s a staple on any pedalboard - plus, it can double as a mute switch. ⁠

Next, overdrives… We believe having at least two different flavors of overdrive/distortion is important. It offers variety and allows gain stacking for leads. Keeping it simple, no more than two to three gain pedals… i.e., a Tubescreamer and a “Klone.”⁠

Next, modulation… We recommend using a chorus or flanger, but it’s all based on personal preference. Chorus and Flanger, in our opinion, are the most versatile modulation effects, as you can achieve chorus, vibrato, flanger, and phaser type sounds from these effects. However, experiment with different modulation effects to find what suits you best.⁠

Next, delay… You can get away with a simple analog or digital delay, like a @jimdunlopusa MXR Carbon Copy or @bossfx_us DD-7 Digital Delay. These pedals can offer a range of sounds that would do the trick⁠

Next, reverb… Again, you can get a lot out of a simple reverb pedal, like a @ehx Holy Grail or @tcelectronic Hall of Fame. Minimal controls but offer subtle to full reverb sounds.⁠

Starter pedals we recommend:⁠

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