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Jacob Vi

Pedalboard build for St. Louis, Missouri's Jacob Vi

Mounted on a Creation Music Company 32”x16” flat pedalboard and powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus & Walrus Audio Phoenix.

Signal chain:
1. Simple Switch FX Mono Junction Box & [Input] Buffer
2. Keeley Synth-1
3. Coppersound Triplegraph
4. 3 Leaf Audio Proton
5. Origin Effects Cali76 Deluxe
6. Boss ES-8 Effects Switcher (Loop 1: JHS Twin Twelve w/ remote; Loop 2: JHS Cheese Ball; Loop 3: JHS AT+; Loop 4: JHS Muffuletta; Loop 5: JHS Bonsai; Loop 6: JHS Unicorn; Loop 7: JHS Morning Glory; Loop 8: JHS PG-14)
7. Hudson Electronics Broadcast (Return to Simple Switch FX Junction Box)
8. DSM Humboldt Simplifier (not pictured)

DSM Humboldt Simplifier FX Loop:
9. JHS Emperor V2
11. JHS Panther Cub V2
13. JHS Pink Panther
14. JHS Spring Tank
15. Eventide H9 (stereo out to Simplifier)

Boss ES-8 controlling Eventide H9 via MIDI.

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