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Jesus Herrera

Pedalboard build for Washington's Jesus Herrera.

Mounted on a Creation Music Company 24”x16” flat pedalboard and powered by a Strymon Zuma & Zuma R300

Signal chain:
1. Goodwood Audio TX Interfacer
2. RJM PBC/6X (Loop 1: EHX Nano POG; Loop 2: Xotic RC Booster; Loop 3: JHS Morning Glory V4; Loop 4: JHS Superbolt; Loop 5: JHS Kilt V2; Loop 6: Walrus Audio Deep Six) - EXP Out to Expression Pedal (not shown); Analog Endeavors AUX Switch (Bank Up/Down).
3. DunlopDVP4 Mini Volume
4. Goodwood Audio Audition
5. Eventide H9
6. Strymon TimeLine
7. Strymon BigSky
8. Line 6 HX Stomp
9. Goodwood Audio TX Interfacer
10. Simple Switch FX XLR Patch Bay

PBC/6X controlling the Selah Quartz, Eventide H9, Strymon TimeLine & BigSky, and Line 6 HX Stomp via MIDI.

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