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Ruben Chavez

Pedalboard build for Austin, Texas' Ruben Chavez

Mounted on a Creation Music Company 32”x16” flat pedalboard and powered by (x2) Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus'

Signal chain:
1. Custom Junction Box (Mono In/Out, FX Send/Return, Audition Loop, MIDI Thru)
2. Shnobel Tone modded Ernie Ball VP Jr Tuner (to Audition Loop Send)
3. Boss ES-8 (from Audition Loop Return) - (Loop 1: Xotic SP Compressor; Loop 2: JHS Muffuletta & Bonsai; Loop 3: JHS Unicorn V2; Loop 4: JHS Double Barrel; Loop 5: JHS Kodiak; Loop 6: Eventide H9; Loop 7: MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe & Dawner Prince Boonar; Loop 8: MXR Reverb) // EXP Out to Dunlop DVP4 Mini Volume/Expression; EXP In from MXR Reverb.
4. JHS Red Remote (to Double Barrel)
5. Simple Switch FX Triple Tap Tempo (to JHS Kodiak, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe, JHS Unicorn V2)
4 Cable Method:
Boss ES-8 VOL Send to ISP Decimator II to Junction Box “Amp Out” // Junction Box “FX Loop Send” to Ernie Ball VP Jr to Boss ES-8 VOL Return // Boss ES-8 Out to Junction Box “FX Loop Return”

Boss ES-8 controlling the Eventide H9 via MIDI.

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