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Thelmo Rego

Pedalboard build for St. Petersburg, Florida's Thelmo Rego

Mounted on a Creation Music Company 28”x16” flat pedalboard and powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus & Truetone CS7.

Signal chain:
1. Simple Switch FX Custom Junction Box (w/ TRS In split to 2 TS Outs, MIDI Thru, Stereo Amp Outs w/ Mono Sum option, Send & Return FX Loop)
2. BossTU-3W Chromatic Tuner
3. Dunlop John Petrucci CryBaby Wah
4. Boss ES-8 Effects Switcher (Loop 1: Keeley Compressor Plus; Loop 2: Ernie Ball VP Jr; Loop 3: Boss CE-2W Chorus; Loop 4: Boss DC-2W Dimension C; Loop 5: Horizon Devices Precision Drive; Loop 6: MXR EVH Phase 90; Loop 7: MXR EVH Flanger; Loop 8: Xotic BB Preamp) — Volume Loop Send to Amp L Output, Volume Loop Return to FX Loop Return
5. Fortin Zuul
6. Eventide H9 MAX
7. Strymon TimeLine (Output to FX Loop Send)

Boss ES-8 controlling the Eventide H9 MAX & Strymon TimeLine via MIDI.

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